Who are Rainbow Railroad?

Who are they? They are - in a nut shell - there to rescue LGBTQI+ individuals who are in danger of torture and losing their lives because of who they are. They operate world wide and since January 2021 had over 2006 requests for help. 

They began in 2006 by a group of volunteers LGBTQI+ and human rights activists who wanted to take action on the violence that was perpetrated worldwide. The name is a derivative of Underground Railroad, a 19th century network that was to help people of colour in America to escape enslavement.

To date they have helped over 1600 people escape persecution through relocation or other forms of support. The other forms of support can  be help to LGBTQI+ organisations around the world, resources and counselling to individuals, monitoring and reporting of any mass detention of the LGBTQI+ community and private sponsorship to refugees. 


The organisation offers a range of ways you as in individual can offer support them in their work; from sponsorship to one off donations. All of which can be found on their website Rainbow Railroad

We wanted to work with this organisation as we believe strongly that love should not be legally exclusive to heterosexual couples. Read that sentence again...

Yes, it sounds absolutely absurd that not only individuals but governments around the world would promote violence, torture and death towards those who do not fit into the heterosexual box.

We hope that we can help them bring more governments to task, support and develop organisations throughout the world at grass roots and bring those who seek refuge to a safe and secure place.

Here in the U.K the LGBTQI+ community are still subjected to abuse, prejudice and hate, and that is a damming fact on the people who do not support them. We encourage you to speak up for their cause, check those who are openly abusive - including friends and family -  and prejudice as, education is the initial response we should use. Please also let them know clearly that you will not tolerate or accept their behaviour. We cannot ignore hate crimes verbal or physical.  Ignoring a problem does not solve the problem.

We hope you will help us support a charity that is on a daily basis, saving lives.


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