What is the behind the Freedom To Love design?

Rainbow Railroad - Freedom To Love

Living in my white, heterosexual privilege, I struggle to understand how a person’s sexuality and what pronoun they identify with, can incite hatred, abuse, and persecution? It is beyond my comprehension. I suppose I look for a justifiable reason within a person’s actions to understand them and, there is no justification is there?

Here I wanted the design to speak not of romantic love but the actual pain in the heart anguish of denying who you are out of fear. That pain creates a physical pain in the body, mind and soul. The anatomical heart symbolises the reality of such pain. No hearts and flowers just love trying to be. The overall impression of the design is one of a coat of arms a symbol of strength and identity. 

The question of why a love incites hatred serves to bring that questioning towards someone who needs to examine their own prejudices and actions. I guess I am hoping someone will see the root cause and move forward to address and redress their actions. I can but hope.

The wings to me always signify hope, freedom and thriving. Something that I am sure those who you liberate feel into their bones. The overall grunge feel is to signify the erosion of hope and sense of self that people must feel before you step in to support them. The struggle is real, cruel and with Rainbow Railroads support a person can survive and thrive.






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