The thoughts behind the Living Who I was Born To Be design

The Children’s Society

Living Who I Was Born To Be

This design makes a strong statement about a fight for the life that is the right of all young people. It uses the Children’s Society colour guide to denote the journey from challenge to transition and then to hopeful. Using purple/indigo for challenge or darkness, through the spectrum to yellow for Positivity or happiness. What a long and arduous journey is symbolised in those colours?

The text is a strong statement that can be posed as a question that needs a loud, resounding, ‘yes you are!’. To a quieter, determined voice that is using it as a mantra to gain strength and recognise their birth right. Whether the wearer is in darkness, determination, survival, respite or all of the above, this statement works for all ages. Again, the message can be read at many depths.

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