The thought behind the Your Future design

The Children’s Society

Your future

Girl variation

Sketching images for this design I knew I wanted there to be a joyful person and also an umbrella. I wanted an obvious image of happiness to be encapsulated in a young person, with the umbrella to symbolise protection from the storm.

It was important for me to put forward a strong message of hope for those who understand, and also to create a design that would hold meaning for all.

Using The children’s society colour palette telling the story of ‘Challenge to Hopeful’, I made sure that whilst there was recognition of a challenge, - The eyes, that have seen so much - the symbols of hope - the clothes the demeanour the essence of what others can see of a person - were far more dominant. Hope is the gift wrapped within all the actions the Children’s Society does.

The text was something that came to my mind when I was pondering my own journey in life. In the days which were the darkest and loneliest, I wish someone could have whispered those words of truth to me. Encouragement to move one step in front of the other, to persevere for yourself a little longer are so important in a person recognising they truly are worth taking up the fight for.


Boy variation

The first design, being aimed and younger girls we knew needed to have a partner design that would work for younger boys. The design principle is exactly the same as for the colours used and reasons behind them in the ‘Girl’ variant. The character is walking in a carefree and confident manner, representing a life lived to its fullest and with no care.

We also felt the need to represent a child of colour in the collection. Creating designs that represent the wonderful variety of people this world holds, is an important principle of the Holy Cow culture. Wherever we have the opportunity we will include a range of representation of ethnicity, colour, religion, and pronoun identification.

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