The thought behind the Love design

Rainbow Railroad - Love

Here the design shows a rainbow of colours that are splattered and splashed in joyful abandon. Just how love should be expressed.

Love is a serious business, but it should also be funny, joyous and shared by all. The first 2 designs have been political and thought provoking so, let me now take you back to 1975.

Picture me, aged 14 madly in love with a boy called Martin on the top deck of a bus with a marker pen. YUP! You guessed it. That is where I declared my all so secret love. That is secret until later that night Martin and some of our friends came on the bus home with us. Oh yes… the same bus where I had scrawled my undying love for him. Love must out at some point! The night concluded with a fumbled kiss and, I never saw him again.

For all those who are blessed to love and be loved, this design celebrates love that is joyous and wonderful. May you be free to declare your love loudly and never have to have a secret love again.

Much love











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