The thought process behind the Human Kind design

 Rainbow Railroad - Human Kind

The starting point for this design was my understanding that ‘dehumanising a group or individual allows the rest of the population to disengage from empathy and/or understanding and, allows hate and persecution to be sanctioned and normalised.’

In this design, I use the universal symbols for every pronoun and symbol of sexuality I could find to create a subtle pattern to surround the statement, ‘human kind’. I wanted the symbols to be subtle but also to be read clearly if the viewer so chose. Human kind had the duality of interpretation that I wanted. ‘Humankind’ encompasses all that is 'human' upon the earth. It also reads, with the symbols around it that, we should have respect and love for one another regardless of what pronoun we identify with and sexuality we enjoy.


The ink-stained background was used to not only encapsulate the design but I also wanted a texture and organic shape to loosely represent a map of the world, where all humans reside; and also represents the worldwide reach of Rainbow Railroad. The world as a whole is a messy place in which we all are fighting for peace and a sense of belonging.

The use of red is to make the text clear and, to represent the lifeblood of all humans here on the earth.

The text is Rainbow Railroad’s graphics standard branding.


Much love



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