Quick update!

Little update...
So far we have been working with some amazing charities, 2 of which you know about The Cystic Fibrosis Trust and Crisis. Both are based in the UK. We also have 2 more charity collections we are going to launch over the next couple of weeks.
So, how does this work?
We either contact a charity we want to support or, they get in touch with us. We go back and forth with discussions (Nat's role) and from the information we glean, I go and start designing.
Each charity gets 3 designs that are tailored to their work. We look for designs that have a universal appeal, and aren't just a 'fundraising' wear. They have to appeal to all ages too.
The charities give us feedback and any adjustments, re-designs are done and then we go live! It's then up to you lot to support us and them by sharing the posts and of course buying from their collections.
We have started a blog on the website too so you can read about the reasoning behind the design choices. They aren't as simplistic as you may think you know.
If you aren't able to buy from us to support the charities, then please do share our posts so as many people can see how they can support the vital work our charities do.

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