Heroes Come In All Sizes - what is the thought behind it?

The Children’s Society


I am a huge comic book and superhero film fan, and that love inspired this design. On this design I wanted to celebrate that, heroes really do come in all sizes. Young people may often dream of being a superhero, but seldom see how their fight can also be seen as admirable, noble, and inspiring. Here I wanted this message to shout it loud and proud.

It took so many days to search out a font that said the words the way I wanted it to. It was worth it to get it right. I wanted the font to express not only the text, but also the power of the words. I decided to use this font as it had a strong comic book vibe but also it has a grungy feel that I know that appeals to all ages. The font, which is created as though each letter has been cut from a newspaper or comic, looks like the stereotypical image of a ransom note you would see in the movies. I wanted this symbolism to depict how young people living with abuse and injustice, can feel a hostage in their own family and circumstances. It speaks of oppression, a cry for help but also the message of hope and recognition of strength, is also there in the text.

In all my designs it is important to have a message that can be read at many levels. From a cool design to an inspirational quote or mantra that recognises and calls out the strength of a person who may see it or wear it. This design can be worn as a symbol of pride, hope or just to be cool.


The added bonus of this design is that it is available in both black and white text.

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