County Lines - organised crime

Whilst researching the Children's Society we came across their work with young people are involved with organised crime. This was a new phenomena for us. Whilst we knew young people were coerced into selling drugs at street level, we really had no idea how organised it was. The ignorance of thankfully not being involved with such activities. We don't mean that arrogantly, but simply that as it wasn't in our world we had no reason to think such was going on.

The saying, 'There by the grace of God go I' does resonate. A split second decision can impact your life drastically and, we  know that as a young person you are vulnerable to exploitation. Wanting to fit in, be recognised and feel a part of a group is a strong driving force for young people. we adults struggle with this also don't you think?

Please do follow the link below to read how the Children's Society is helping our young people to break free form this abuse.


County Lines & Child Exploitation | The Children's Society (

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